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Aluminum Seamless Rain Gutters

  • Available in Aluminum and Copper.
  • Aluminum comes in 32 Colors.
  • The finish is baked-on with DuPont Teflon.
  • Gutter sizes 5″ inches & 6″ inches, K-Style.
  • Downspouts sizes  2″x 3″ , 3″x 4″ & 3″ Round.
  • The thickness of our aluminum is .027 
  • Our Copper is 16 oz.



We offer a no-hassle, no pressure estimate. We strive to provide the best possible service at the best possible price without the sales pitch.

Don’t let another rainy season go by without seamless rain gutters.

Office (602) 272-8840

Rain Gutters K-Style

“Rain and Gutters”

All the installations are completed by the owner Miguel Dominguez. Handling your project from the start to finish. Miguel started installing Rain Gutters in Phoenix, Arizona and has 25+ years of experience hanging seamless rain gutters. The Sunscreen Factory does not use Sub-Contractors to complete your project. We firmly believe you should be able to expect quality craftsmanship and great customer service from a Licensed Bonded,and Insured Contractor. Our team members will never rush the installation process we always take our time in every project that is given to us. Ensuring that you receive the best quality installation from us we invite you to experience the difference at The Sunscreen Factory. 

Seamless Gutters installation is one of the most popular and most effective ways to divert rain water to a spot where it won’t damage your property. Rain Gutters not only add value to your home but provide protection against many elements such as termites, Foundation settling and landscaping issues. Seamless Rain Gutters installation is going to give you a system that is far more effective and with regular cleaning will be nearly hassle-free.